Thursday, November 13, 2008

Easy Test Maker

Just found a great online test maker. I used it to make Brittany's vocabulary test. I have to tell ya, I haven't been big on giving Brittany tests up until this year (except for spelling tests). I didn't really see the point; I knew exactly how well she was doing. I have given her a few open-book in the past, but no other kinds. This year, I realized I needed to get her ready for high school. She took a short answer test about a month ago and did great - a 96%. Tomorrow she has a vocabulary test. I was just about to get started making it on MS Word when I decided to search online. The first site I found, Easy Test Maker, is great! I just made her a 50 question test. 25 Multiple choice, 23 matching and 2 short answer. It was quick, it was easy and it saves it for me! (did I mention it was free???) I highly recommend it!

I'm not sure how well Brittany will like it...I'll let ya know. ;-)

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