Monday, August 18, 2008


This is one of those posts that just meanders around and doesn't say much of anything...

Well let's see....
Brittany is still gone. Coming home on Friday. Seems like a LOOOONG way away! Can't wait for her to come back! She is so much fun and such a delight!! She has been having fun playing with her cousins and brother, getting a manicure and pedicure, going to the Albuquerque zoo and Explora. They had a birthday party for her and have taken her shopping several times. Yes, she is getting spoiled rotten. :-)

I am getting ready for school to start! I am really excited! I think I decided on a Spanish program called El Espanol Facil - The Easy Spanish. I can't wait to get it and get started on it! I am going to start Kaedra on a schedule this Thursday. It is going to be similar to a preschool program with different centers during different times of the day. I am going to start Emily next Monday and Brittany starts the day after Labor Day. I have to finish up my planning this week and get everything ready to go. I have a few errands that I want to get done before starting too, so I can have a really clean slate. (that includes your package, Zandis!!!) Unfortunately I forgot to get dentist appointments scheduled before school started and I need to get those done soon. Maybe they can fit us in next week before we get involved deeply involved in school. After school starts I am hoping to only get out on Fridays which will be our half days of school.

Michael has a "big" interview on Wednesday. I say big because it is the one we really want! It is for North Richland Hills, Texas. Why do we want this one?
1. a nice raise.
2. close to home.
3. good medical system for Kaedra.
4. good housing market for buyers right now (although that might be all over)
5. close to home.
We believe this is the right place for us so we are really excited about the interview. I have started packing and even found a lady selling 200 moving boxes for 20 dollars!!! I picked them up last week and have my work cut out for me now! :-)

Michael's grandmother died last Wednesday. Michael came home from his Kansas City trip early. Sam's was so wonderful about it. They gave him time off form the convention, paid for his car home and gave him the weekend off for bereavement. Walgreens would have never done all of that! Michael went down to Madill on Friday for the funeral. Lillie Mae (Michael's grandma) was a wonderful, wonderful lady and we are looking forward to seeing her in heaven. She was a precious soul, on fire for God and so very sweet. She was almost 96. I am sure she is rejoicing to see her family up in heaven.

Well I had better get off of here and get some real work done. Have a wonderful week!!

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The Zandi Zoo said...

love your updates. Praying for your Texas adventure! sorry about Michael's grandmother. How nice to work at a place that values their employees. That is awesome.