Monday, August 25, 2008

God is so good!

I realized this morning, in the shower, where all good thinking takes place, that I do not praise God enough in my blog! Every single day I can think of things that God has done to bless me and I need to remind myself of those things as well as "tell it so the people can hear."

So I am going to start off by telling you two things that God has done for me in the past week.

The other day I got a call from a friend, crying, asking if she could come over right away. I told her yes, of course, and I started praying. I had no idea what she was crying about, so I knew I needed to rely on God to prepare me. When she got there, I felt like God was able to use me to tell her exactly what she needed to hear. There were things I would have NEVER said regularly, that God used me to say and I can tell that she was touched. When I checked up on her later, she said that she kept remembering the things I had said about God and His love for her and it had gotten her through a really hard time. I just am so grateful that God was there for both of to minister to her and for her to have ears to hear.

The second thing that really blessed me this week was concerning picking Brittany up at the airport. I had a CRAZY Friday with computer problem and a computer tech here and trying to get the house ready for Brittany (I like to have it all clean when she gets home so she doesn't think, "great, I have to clean house now...don't these people ever clean while I am gone?") So I knew what time she was coming in and I knew what time I had to leave to get there but I COMPLETELY FORGOT to add the time it takes to have express jet give us 4 passes to get through security and the time it takes to get 3 kids and a double stroller through security including taking on and off everyone's shoes, etc! So as I am driving to the airport, I realize this and start freaking out...there is NO WAY I will make it to the gate on time. So I start praying...and asking for favor, asking for angels to clear my paths, anything that will help. Finally I just said, Lord, I can't figure out how it will work....I am just leaving it up to you. We got to the airport in record time (especially since there was traffic which I am not used to) and we got a front row parking space (Hallelujah!) and when we got to the ticket window there was NO ONE in line (another Hallelujah) and we were about 20 minutes early so I started thinking we could get this done. But God had an even better plan in mind! The lady at the ticket counter asked what flight number and when it was due in. I told her the flight number and told her that the TV Screen said it was on time (landing in 20 minutes). She gave me a funny look and called down and they told her that the flight had landed a few minutes ago. She told me I wouldn't have a chance to get through security so they would just take Brittany to the other side of security and I could pick her up there. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! I didn't have to worry about going through security and all those hassles and we didn't have to wait at the airport with three fussy children and we got to see Brittany right away!! It was awesome! God had such an awesome plan (which I NEVER would have done. I would have felt guilty not picking her up at the gate if I had the choice). But His plan worked out wonderfully and I am so grateful!

Big things and little things, God blesses us daily!


The Zandi Zoo said...

WOOHOOOO!!! God is SO Good!!!

Susan said...

Two great blessings. We see them everyday if we but look and notice. We got one today when a neighbor came down to visit Mickey. Mickey asked him if he knew where he could get a small sheet of aluminum for his newest beehive he is building, he said, "Oh I've got some extra at the house" and gave Mickey exactly what he needed. He meets our every need!!! Happy belated BD!!!