Monday, April 17, 2006

I got tagged

Sherria Tagged me!

Here are the rules: Once you are tagged, you must post 6 [six] things about yourself, which are either weird, unusual, habitual or just plain fun to hear about (and true!). Once you post these things in your blog, you must gently tag six others, who then, must read words like these and follow the same rules you did. In addition to listing those you tag, you should nag them a little with a comment or two. After that, all reprimands for ignoring the game and rules are solely physical and mildly serious.

1. I absolutely love being in the water, it is probably my favorite place to be. However, I really really do not like GETTING in water. It takes me quite awhile to actually get into the water, then I am fine.

2. I really love to eat liver and onions.

3. One of the closest people to me, I have only met once. (Brandi)

4. My license plate says "Peculyr." I am peculiar in the biblical sense: set apart for God.

5. I like spiders. I usually don't kill them unless they are brown recluses. Otherwise, I put them in my hand and take them outside. I don't mind other bugs and don't usually kill them, either, but I don't like swarms of anything. I would love to have a tarantula but the rest of my family is not keen on the idea.

6. I want to get an old truck (1956 Dodge) and restore it. I know little to nothing about engines or bodywork but plan on figuring it all out eventually.

Okay I am tagging Denise, Melanie, Brandi, Heather & Melissa.
(I don't know many bloggers! LOL)

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