Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Big Projects I have going

1. Redoing my laundry room - cleaning, organizing and moving a cabinet in there.

2. Redoing my school room - making "learning centers"

3. Redoing my living room - adding more school books into it and making me a desk

4. Redoing my back porch - moving a shelf unit out there and organizing all the outside doo-dads.

5. Redoing my under-the-stairs closet - take everything out of it and put Kaedy's toys and vacuums in there.

6. Redoing my game closet - putting games in schoolroom, putting toys and photo albums into closet.

7. Redoing corner of the Den - putting hutch into den and moving out Kaedy's Kidcart and stroller.

8. Redo front porch - add some pretties to it, clean it up, plant flowers in pots and plant tree.

9. Plant mini garden (will be a salad garden) and morning glories and moon flowers

10. Redo Emily's room - (BBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGG project!) Move her clothes into her closet, get rid of a lot of toys, and just generally clean and reorganize.

11. Getting ready for a church garage sale - gathering all my cool clutter for them.

12. Redoing my web page

13. Writing a book

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