Monday, July 18, 2005

I had a WONDERFUL birthday! After Michael and I spent the day with Brittany and Emily, we went to see Kaedy. She was a little tired, but we spent awhile with her and then rocked her to sleep. We were planning on going out to eat and seeing a movie afterwards, but we ended up just seeing the movie and not having time to go out to eat. Oh well, now we have a gift certificate for another time!! We went to see Mr. And Mrs. Smith. It was a fairly enjoyable movie. It wasn't something I would want to own or anything like that, but it was entertaining for the evening. The one thing I have to say is that I am SHOCKED at what passes as PG13 these days. I thought I would be "safe" sticking with PG13 movies to not have a lot of questionable content, but I was very wrong. No PG13 for Britty!! (at least until her 35th b'day! LOL)

Yesterday was the groundbreaking for our new church site. I put pictures up at It was a GREAT time. I am so excited to watch the new building forming. It will be closer to our house, too...about 2 miles away. Have I mentioned how much I love our church? Brittany is going to church camp today. I can't believe all the fun things they are going to do for camp. They are starting out at Incredible Pizza today and then they are also going to be boating, bowling, swimming, fishing, going to a water park, as well as having chapel everyday and baptisms! Britty will be ready to sleep for a few days when she gets back!! LOL

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