Thursday, July 14, 2005

The girls, Michael and I went to see Kaedy this morning. After not seeing her for two days, she was a sight for sore eyes. She is still not feeling that great, you could tell from the way she acted, but she did smile at each of us and we each had a chance to cuddle with her. I was looking for a really great picture of the three girls together, but although we tried several times, I didn't really get what I was after. We will try again next time!!

I have to talk to Dr. Carey tomorrow about the nurse he wants to go with us. She is not a Christian and I do not feel comfortable taking someone that won't pray herself or even agree with us in prayer over the baby. The Respiratory Therapist we are taking is a spirit-filled believer and we like him a lot. He has worked really hard with Kaedy and is part of the reason for her success on the home vent. Michael and I are in agreement that we don't feel comfortable with the nurse going, though, even though she has been on these kind of trips before with the little girl from this area that has been in the titanium rib project for several years. Anyway, that is on my agenda tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, we are going to set up our tent in the backyard and sleep out there. My birthday is on Saturday, so I thought it would be fun to wake up on my b'day in a tent! Michael won't sleep with us out there, though, which is the only bummer. Other than that, I am really excited.

Okay, we are off to bed. I will write more later....leave me a comment and let me know you were here....anyone? anyone? anyone?


Heather said...

Hey! :)

The girls look SO grown up!!!

How did the talk go with the Dr about that RN??

Very cool about the new van! I want a 2005 SO bad!!!

Still praying for little Kaedy!


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