Saturday, September 25, 2010


I've been sick for 6 days straight as of today.  I haven't gotten out of the house and haven't felt like doing much either.  I knew I needed to eat nutritious and vitamin-full foods.  While talking to my mom, she suggested I make a carrot soup.  Being the obedient daughter I am (haha) I talked the girls into chopping me up some carrots, onions and garlic and boiling them in chicken broth.  When it was all soft, they blended it in our Vitamix with some milk.  It was delicious, but I added some curry to make it even better. :-)  Simple, quick, nutritious and cleared my sinuses!

Today I wanted to have soup again, but wanted to use some fresh spinach.  I microwaved two potatoes until soft, cut them into chunks, threw them in the vitamix with broth, milk, onions, garlic and fresh spinach and pureed it all until smooth.  Just added some salt and lots of pepper and it was delicious.

I have also made a very yummy mushroom soup in the vitamix, as well.  I am really liking fresh soups lately.  Very odd for me, who is not usually a big soup fan.  Looks like I will be making lots of cream of  "insert fresh vegetable here" soups this winter. :-) 

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Susan said...

I could almost live on soups. I've always loved them. Hope you are on the mend.