Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • Brittany is thinking of making jewelry and selling it on etsy.
  • I am thinking of joining her
  • Kaedra still gets tired out very easily. Emily and I went to see her and she tired out after about 20 minutes.  
  • Michael met the new pulmonologist today. He liked him a lot. Said he sounded like Doofenschmertz, though.  We are switching over all of our care to OKC. I guess it's about time.
  • It's hard to get a new pulmonologist. Dr. Carey has been Kaedra's dr. since she was 6 weeks old.
  • One of the things I like about him is he knows how far she has come and how far we expect her to go.
  • I don't like it when Kaedra is referred to as "one of these kids"
  • No kids should be referred to as "these kids." They are all individual!
  • We are going to be meeting our new pediatrician next week. For some reason I am excited. I know nothing about her. 
  • I am so thankful Michael's work is being so understanding. I am praying that it does not affect his ability to be promoted.
  • I am thankful that our house is going to be sold by the end of  next week. I am also feeling home-less and sad.
  • I love Oklahoma City, I really do.  
  • I miss my friends in Tulsa and Broken Arrow.
  • I never saw them much anyway. But it was nice knowing they were there.
  • I wonder how long it takes to feel at home in a new place.
  • I wonder if it has more to do with friends and church and social activities than knowing your way around.
  • I don't want Brittany to get too comfortable being a "loner." I think she might be.  (although she is hardly ever actually alone.)
  • I think I might be too.
  • This school year has been very odd and trying.
  • I think we will have to school through the summer this year. 
  • We usually do anyway.
  • I wonder if I could go to OCHEC. I wonder if I will try.
  • my parents want to visit in March. I forgot to tell my family.  That's more time off of school.
  • we may be starting our next school year in October at this rate.
  • Just kidding.
  • We want to find a new church. Lifechurch didn't work out for us. Too big. We were lost in the crowd. Brittany didn't feel like she was fitting in with the youth either. 
  • It is hard to think of going to a new church without Michael going with us.  (He works most Sundays) We want to find a church but honestly don't know where to start. I would like to go where we know someone so we can at least not be totally lost.
  • They are building a LifeChurch in Yukon. We are excited. It is going to be smaller and since it is just opening, not as intimidating. We would go there, but it isn't opening until sometime later this spring. I would like to get involved somewhere before that.
  • I want Kaedra to come home but I want her to be better when she does.  She still worries me right now.
  • my toes came through my crocheted slippers. I was very bummed.
  • how come some people drop you like a hot-cake when you move away? 
  • I empathize too much sometimes with characters in books.  I have to stop reading for awhile and step back.  Or read non-fiction.
  • I love reading my bible. I am too much of a perfectionist about it though.  I don't just pick it up and read. I want to have quiet, be in my comfy spot, with my highlighters and pen, my notebook and be uninterrupted. HA!
  • I am very good at praying though. I pray all the time.  Love to pray. And not a perfectionist about it.
  • I like Facebook. It has been nice to get back in touch with old friends and make new ones.  I really like the interaction.
  • How come someone who really reallly liked me on Facebook would meet me in person and not like me? Weird. I am very much myself on Facebook.  
  • I used to wear lots of masks. Mask for parents, mask for friends, mask for church, mask for inlaws, etc, etc. I don't wear masks anymore.  I yam what I yam.
  • I don't always agree with people. But I am a lover not a fighter.  I would rather take things to prayer than to their face. 
  • I am not part of any agenda.  I am not a kool-aid drinker. I think what I think. It doesn't always fit into some nice, neat, comfortable box, though.
  • Sometimes I think people just don't have room for new friends.  or time. or energy. or whatever it takes for "proper care and feeding of friends." 
  • I think there are different levels of friends.  Best Friends, Close Friends, Good Friends, Friends...
  • I have been blessed a few times to have awesome best friends that I was able to really do things with and our husbands clicked, our families clicked, our lives clicked, etc. Like the song says, "I had the time of my life..."
  • I mourn the loss of those friendships. 
  • Right now I have "phone friends" Don't get me wrong. I love them! Just wish we were nearer.
  • I am still trying to come up with ideas for making money from home. The ideas keep coming. The problem is the time and energy needed. I know when the idea is from God, I will also get the time and energy.
  • I used to take FastTrack. Loved that stuff. Energy in a bottle. So what that it could explode your heart? Details, details.....
  • When I don't have a chance to talk to my friends, I talk to myself.  A lot.  Or I talk to my friends in my head. Who needs real friends? I can just make up conversations.  
  • I had someone read my blog from Nigeria. She seems very sweet. I need to write her back. I need to write a few people back. I am a perfectionist about that too...always waiting until the right moment when I will have all the time I need.  Double HA!
  • I have some VEPTR kids on my heart. They are nearing the age when they no longer grow and decisions need to be made. Will the rods be taken out? Will they fuse their spines? How will that affect them in the long run? I am praying that there are more choices when Kaedra is that age.
  • I love Susan Joyce...Penless Writer.  Just thought you should know. She and her husband are just WONDERFUL people. I miss them too. And she reads my blog. Thank you Susan! 
  • God gave me my focus words for this year. I will share them later.  I love when I hear Him!
  • I have a new friend, Shirley, that I really, really like and she has had a rough week. I have been praying for her and I hope that she is surrounded by the Joy of the Lord and that He is her strength!
  • I need to go to bed but I could keep doing this stream of consciousness thing all night.
  • I probably will anyway...
  • I think that I think too much.....


Susan said...

WOW Kahri!!! I'm reading along and wham, my name pops up. Talk about surprised!!! I love you, too, Kahri. There is a strong bond between us....not the usually good friends, social bond but a deep bonding in the Lord. The BEST kind IMHO.

You shared a lot of yourself here. I am going to make it a top matter of prayer about you guys finding the right church. It is so important.

Love you,

Shirley said...

I enjoyed (not in a this was fun kind of way, but in a I feel like I know you better kind of way) this peek into your heart.

I related to so many things that you shared, so I will have to email you sometime. (((hugs)))

Amelia Antwiler said...

I don't know what to say .. but wanted you to know I read it...because writers like to know when they've been read. :-)

NeeCee said...

#1. I love the idea of you and Brittany selling your jewelry on etsy.

#2. Your Broken Arrow friends miss you like crazy too.

#3. I love you on Facebook, blogs, telephone and real life.

#4. Thank you so incredibly much for lifting my mom up in prayer. We can very close to losing her and that was scary.