Monday, September 28, 2009


I am so blessed to be able to go to a conference in this area about transitioning g-tube fed children to oral eating. It is being given by the expert in this type thing...Marsha Dunn-Klein. It is a two day conference and after only one day I feel as if I have a plethora of ideas! I can't wait to start! I had felt at a bit of a loss lately as to what to try next and now I have to pace myself not to try too many things at once. I talked to her this afternoon, after the conference and she gave me some specific pointers for Kaedra, too! What a blessing that is!! AND, She said if all my questions weren't answered by tomorrow afternoon that I could come ask her more!

As you may remember, Kaedra's speech therapist until she was three, Amanda, is now one of my closest friends. She arranged this whole thing so I was able to go and I am so thankful! I also am getting to see her and Nicole, another friend, as they are down here for the conference too.

It has been a great day!



And help for Kaedra.
Here is a great site we heard about today for children learning to eat:

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Susan said...

So glad you had this wonderful, productive, fun day. God is good!