Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some changes and some things haven't changed at all!

Last week, I combined all three of my blogs into this blog. It is, after all, Our Peculiar LIFE. Not a segment of our life...our LIFE.  And the other two blogs were part of that self-same am putting everything together. It is part of my attempt at simplifying my life and also being authentic. But more on that later.....

Still not getting sleep. Actually, I got one night of good sleep and one night of fairly good sleep. And then last night hardly ANY sleep thanks to BOTH littles AND the dog! Everyone is trying to get a piece of the "mom-in-the-middle-of-the-night" action.  So I am still working on that one.

I took a quiz on Facebook the other day that asked if I thought that I think too much. I laughed out loud at that one!! I have been thinking so much lately, I think my brain is either getting worn out or SOO exercised that it is HUGE! HA!

I have LOTS of thoughts that I plan on blogging about. Not so much to share, but to get them all down and maybe make sense of them. It definitely helps me to write things down and read them over again.  a little side funny....You know, sometimes I make a decision about something and then FORGET that I did it and then go through ALL the thinking again until I realize I already decided!! (getting old?? me?? no....)

On the good side, we have been exercising! YES! The Lynn family!! MOVING! WOW! And how did this come to be?  Thanks to my birthday present......the Wii fit!! WOOHOO!! It is the BEST present I can imagine!!!  It is AWESOME! We all love it.  I had no idea a "video game" could make me so sore! I have figured out an entire routine that takes me about 45 minutes a day.  And I have done it for 6 days in a ROW.  That's HUGE for me. :-) Well the REALLY huge thing is that I LOOK FORWARD TO IT!! It is so much fun!!! And I LOVE pushing myself harder. 

A few more notes: Our house in BA still hasn't sold. We have about 6 weeks before we start paying double house payments.  We would appreciate prayers! No change in Michael's work. His 3 months of not looking for a store will be up November 1st as well. We still love our house, love Yukon and love our new church. School is in session and we are trying to work out how to keep everyone occupied. 

Kaedra has a doctor appt with a doctor that does her specialized surgery here in OKC on October 6th. We are very excited about that. Being able to have her surgery here in town would be awesome. We are also going to talk to him about getting her trach hole stitched up as it never healed. Next week on Monday and Tuesday I am attending a seminar at OU about getting Kaedra to eat by mouth. I am so very excited. The lady giving the seminar is one of the top authorities on this kind of thing and I get to glean knowledge from her! Hallelujah!! I can't wait to suck it all up.  (besides the fact that I just LOVE I am excited about any kind of learning experience, much less one that could so fabulously affect Kaedra's life! AND two sweet, special friends will be there too, so I get to see them!) I am praying I will learn something that will help us!

Well that's all the time I have for now....see ya later alligators!

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