Sunday, March 30, 2008

What I really got

This is the cut I got:

Obviously, this is not me....hee hee. But this is what my hair pretty much looks like. Just imagine it red with no highlights. :-) I am going back for color in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

OOOH! I love her hair!

Amelia Antwiler said...

Oddly, I could see Ethan totally enjoying his breakfast on those...but the point was the hair?

I like it. I bet it's CUTE and easy.

I didn't recognize the front of the erstwhile Mrs. Beckham. But I did recognize the back. *LOL*

Susan said...

Cute......but where is the picture of you?!!!!

NeeCee said...

That looks very cute. Can't wait to see it on you.

My sister just had her hair cut the exact same way this week too!