Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Poem

{repost from 2005}

Twas the night before New Year's, and all through the house
Everyone was partying, even the mouse
The snacks were all out, with people beside them
And drinks were being poured, as fast as people eyed them.

The kids were all playing Monopoly and cards
And some were outside playing tag in the yards
While Dad and I were snug in the den
Sitting around and talking to good friends

When in our conversation, such a topic arose
To frighten the women and curl the men's toes.
Someone had the audacity to bring the word up
And the rest of us just stared at the ice in our cup

RESOLUTIONS the word was, that caused us to groan
And as they searched for paper and pencil, more intense grew the moan
We all had been there before, with our intentions grand
Only to fail miserably, everything we had planned.

The lost weight, the exercises, pilates and tae bo
Were forgotten as our waists continued to grow.
The plan of time spent with God and kids and friends,
Lasts until the new TV Season begins.

What went wrong, we ask ourselves, as we avoid making more
Knowing that new resolutions are something we all abhor.
As we sit and we think, contemplating our downfall
The missing element comes to me, as I think and recall

We never asked God to give us His life goals
Instead, we thought we were the bishop of our souls
And leaving Him out, we let in defeat
And year in and year out, this we did repeat

Instead, let us Listen, this year to our perfect Lord
And let us with the Holy Spirit be in one accord
God has great plans for us, when we listen and obey
So before another year of broken resolutions…..let's take the time and pray.

by Kahri Lynn 2005


Ruth said...

Happy New Year/Independence Day Kahri! I pray 2008 is a wonderfully great year for you all.

Susan said...

Well said!!

Anonymous said...

what a great post... how often we forget about putting God in our resolutions.. that line really struck me! (I remembered this year!!!)
Happy New Year!