Sunday, January 20, 2008

Miracle Checklist

School is going really well this semester. I realize we're only in week two but it has already gone better than almost ALL last semester! That is scary!! LOL. I mean, we did trudge along and get stuff done last semester, but it just didn't go as well as this semester is going. My secret is a very small change. And it may be silly. But it is working for us.....

are you ready.............?

I have a new checklist that I am using with both girls.

Yup, that's it.

Although, to be honest, the new checklist has also changed how we school a little. I realized that some of the things are perfect "little" things to get done at breakfast or lunch, so we are keeping our books close to the table and getting those done there. Then I can check them off and feel a sense of accomplishment! WOOHOO!! And really, with Britty, at least, it was the "little" stuff we weren't getting done. The "big stuff" we were getting done fine. Now we have a checklist to make sure the "little" things don't get missed. (are you tired of the "little" quote marks yet? heehee)

Anyway, I am posting them here for your perusal or, if'n you are inclined, you can borrow them and make their own. I might start marketting them as the "miracle checklists." HAHAHAHAHAHAH I continually crack myself up. ROFL! Okay, enough amusement, I am off to update my other blog.

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ComfyDenim said...

Okay - I want.
You show-off. I know!! You can be Miracle opposed to Miracle Max. :-)