Sunday, December 09, 2007

Singing The Blog Blues

update: I am now MUCH happier with my blog. I may even keep it this way for awhile. :-) At least until I recover some of the hours I spent working on it.....THANK GOODNESS the cookie exchange was put off for a week! LOL

I'm still working on my you can see.

I am not happy with it. Which is really no change since I wasn't happy with it before either. However, I don't know which "not happy with it" is worse or better. wow. I have talked myself into a circle there.

Anyway, why am I changing my blog look, you ask?

Well...I asked my darling hubby if I could have a new look for a Christmas present. A Professionally done template. (insert oohs and aaaahs here) But hubby said no. I sulked understood, so I decided to take matters in my own hands and try to change it around myself. That started the whole problem.

But why do I want a new look? Why do I care?

It's funny, I have been asking myself that question for the last week or so. I think I have come up with an answer. I am a stay at home mom. I really don't get out much. Some of my closest friends I see once or twice a month (if I am lucky) and one of them I have only seen once in 11 years! This is how they see blog. This is the "me" that they see every day (or at least the days I write) and I want it to "look like me." I want it to exude Kahri-ness. And, on top of that, this is my introduction to people who don't know me. I want them to get a feel for me, too. And it isn't doing that. Yes, I guess you could call that vain. Yes, I am sure it doesn't matter in the grand scheme things of things. But it would make me happy. :-)

Why is it taking me so long? What is my problem?
Where do I start? I don't know CSS, so I am trying to figure that out. I don't know anything about XML but I want to keep my blogger in XML (because I like the widgets) and I don't know anything about widgets so changing templates is driving me crazy. I also want to keep 3 columns. Any professionals out there taking pity on me yet? HAHA.

Okay, so that's why I am singing the blog blues. I know it is silly and not important and trite, but it is me...laid bare. :-)


Anonymous said...

I love the top! The crocus it grogeous!

Annie said...

I like the changes!

Amelia Antwiler said...

Very nice! I'm impressed that you did all this without knowing the program code.