Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting a face-lift

Face it, I'm addicted
I am making an about face
Facing the facts
More than just a pretty face
Jumping into a sea of faces
Facing up to it
a face could launch a thousand ships
doing an about face

I recently discovered facebook. A friend of mine invited me to join a few months ago. Since I had never seen a facebook page, I had no idea what it was all about. Then my neice got a page and was able to show it to me. It only slightly piqued my interest. Myspace had "prettier" pages and seemed like you could do more.

Late last week, my friend Heather IM'd me and told me to get one. I asked her why and she said they were "fun." Hmmmmmmm "Fun." Apparently I thought I needed more "fun" because I decided to try it out.

WOW. FUN!! I agree.... FUN! I love my facebook!

Facebook, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....
1. I can add books, book clubs, tell what I am reading, what I have read and what I would like to read. I can take book quizzes, get recommendations for more books to read and share books and review with others.
2. All the above I can also do with movies.
3. And music.
4. You can communicate with your friends in meaningful ways (like throwing a chicken dressed like an elf at them)
5. You can give (cyber) gifts to friends, like snow globes with neat things inside that they can't see for two days.
6. You can give friends things that grow, like plants or trees.
7. And lots of other time wasters and seemingly un-important things.

Yes, I know it is not as pretty as myspace and it will never replace my blog (it isn't really conducive to blogging) but it is lots of fun. If you were ever interested in getting one, I highly recommend it! And you can look me up (so I can throw a sheep dressed like Santa at you)


Amelia Antwiler said...

I had a face book account.. - but I couldn't quite push my way through all the fun stuff. :-)

Now - I'm t hinking of reactivating it because you could throw sheep. Why didn't I see that???

Sherria said...

LOL! I love the way you started this post! You're a smart cookie you are!

Melanie said...

i've had a facebook forever, but never knew all I could do with it.. Duck, there might be a jolly sheep heading your way!

Annie said...

Fun! Amanda does facebook ... and myspace. I actually have a myspace but rarely get logged on to check it out. I mostly have it so I can check in on the kids myspace pages :)

The Zandi Zoo said...

LOL.. I still don't quite get it, but I do have to admit those santa sheep are cute. :-)

Anonymous said...

So how do I go to YOUR facebook?

Heart of Wisdom said...

You convinced me, I'll pop over and see what its all about. I have never even visited.

Thanks for explaining.

BTW, Friday Fruit of the Spirit us back. Also we have a neat Sunday meme where you just post your favorite links for the week. Come on over and join in.