Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dis Dat an' De Udder Ding

I have lots of little things running through my head today! I have been blogging in my head all day.... I need some kind of mobile blogging device attached to my brain. Anyone want to help me patent that? I am SURE that would be a pretty device, attached with nodes to my head. Maybe they could be in designer colors. :-)

What's in a name?
Ethan has learned to say "mama" and mean it! Last week he was holding my cell phone and I thought I'd be funny so I called it from the home phone. He jumped very high, threw the phone and yelled "MOM." We didn't know if it was a fluke or not. That evening, Brittany was holding him on my bed. When I came in the room he bounced up and down and said "mama, mama!!" And since then he has said it quite a few times every day. Especially when he first sees me or when he wants me to lift him up! WOW! A child that actually said "mama" before "dada"....That's pretty awesome!!! I just love hearing it. (And I will love hearing it until he is about 3 and he will keep saying it over and over like Kaedra, who usually does it while trying to get my attention for her 100th knock knock joke of the day!)

Chicken Dance
My dad sent me this link in an email. The girls just love it. Emily's is the Italian Chicken and Brittany's is the French chicken. Kaedra loves them all. I am a little disturbed by the Irish one! LOL

Thank goodness I didn't have the camera
We were running errands today and I Kaedra was yelling "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" (not very unusual, see above post, however this time she wasn't yelling "Knock, Knock" too) I looked back in my mini rear view mirror to see what she wanted. Ethan was reaching out from his seat and holding Kaedra's hand who was reaching out from hers. It was so adorable!!! Thank goodness I didn't have the camera or I am sure I would have done whatever I could to take that pic while driving!

Tech geekiness shining through
I FINALLY got Firefox. I know lots of people are Firefox afficianados, but I had not had time to look into it and get it yet. Well, I finally did and I love it! I was so thrilled. Michael was like, "it's just a browser." NO! It's F*I*R*E*F*O*X! All the cool tech geeks use it. Not only that, but I made igoogle my start up page. (actually one of my start up pages, you can have multiple pages with firefox!) Now I have an ultra cool start up page on my ultra cool new browser with my ultra cool blue Christian icons. WOOHOO! I am stylin'! Now I just have to get used to the tabbed pages and stop looking for my other window!

Happy Valentine's Day to me!
Michael bought me a ugly watch for Valentine's Day. I hated didn't like it and we returned it. I have been looking for a watch that I like since then. I finally found it today! And Michael said I could get it! And I don't have to consider it a Christmas present!! Another WOOHOO!! I finally realized my style. That helped a lot! I thought I liked the "dressy" style but it turns out I like the "rugged" style. I know it may look a little "manly" but I really really like it. AND it's got an alarm that I can use to help me with remembering all the Kaedra stuff. :-)

I am thinking this is NOT the time to say "ROFLPIMP"
Denise wrote about me in her blog today. She has a VERY mistaken impression of me, but I am honored to have somehow created this, this, this fairy tale version of myself. Perhaps I should video tape my whole cookie exchange experience for Denise's peace of mind. Or maybe I will just continue the charade........(evil laugh) Anyway, I find her opinion of me quite amusing and I will softly chuckle behind my very refined closed fist. (Especially since she is forgetting the time my dog ate all my dough, not once, but twice!!! And I have made take home containers out of lunch bags several years in a row. I have no idea how I keep getting Martha. It is a fluke!) Here I am with my "Martha" prize from 2005.

For some reason I could just keep going and going and going.

I have sooo much to say. I will stop here. I want you to come back. I need to write something for you to come back. I need to stop now so you will come back. Now. No...now. Did I tell you about.....? Oops. NOW.


NeeCee said...

Oh no, I'm not mistaken. Somehow you manage to fly through the Cookie Exchange like a pro. You would think after 10 years of doing these things, I would be better at it. Nope, no grace, no polish and no Martha! LOL

Oh well, every year I will continue to strive to be you. ;0)

The Zandi Zoo said...

OOOH.. I think we should make cool head devices like that and start a hip trend! ;-)

The Zandi Zoo said...
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The Zandi Zoo said...

Okay, are you trying to make us go back to vegetarianism with the chicken dance link. LOL That is a freaky dancing chicken. Is it double jointed?? ;-)

Melanie said...

I'm so glad Ethan said Mama first... You will find that boys love their mamas... until they get to be about 10 or 11 and then it's all about dad and boy things. I hear tell it switches back again though... Oh, and I have to tell you... I'm vying for Martha this year... You AND Denise better watch out! And just how many points of ellipses (...) can I put in one comment? I'm just trying to make my comment as interesting and varied as your post. HUGS... (I had my fingers on the wrong keys and typed JIGS instead... I changed it, but I think JIGS works too.. especially after I saw the Irish chicken!

Susan said...

Wow Kahri is back!!!! Especially with your idea of having your brain hooked up to automatic blogging. I'll go for that!!! You're just the gal to figure it all out.

Annie said...

I can't wait to hear Izzy say mama! We've thought she has before, but I'm excited to hear a real MAMA from her! I love when they say "i love you mama" so sweet. I ♥ firefox too!

Amelia Antwiler said...

After reading Denise's blog about the cookie exchange and now seeing your Martha-ness...I'm a bit scared of even attempting to participate.

Not that I would try - your dog eats your cookie dough - my kid would write on the walls with it.

I just got Firefox, too!! I haven't figured out the cool start page. I still start up with "Crosswalk.com" and my "Bloglines" - so for a moment, there I was considering being jealous.

I totally into this whole downloading of the brain thing you've come up with - I'd be worried about a short circuit and coming up with thoughts that SHOULDN'T be blogged about.

Sorry I'm just now getting to reading of your blog...I'm way behind.