Saturday, November 17, 2007

testing blogging from my pda

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WOOHOO!!! IT WORKED!!! Now I can blog from my pda!! WOOHOO!!!

I can read blogs from my pda now, too! And I get mobile bloglines. The only things I can't do are comment and watch people's videos. I could get a plug in for the videos, I think, but I can't comment yet. I will have to wait for that fix. Anyway, I am getting more and more mobile!! Which is good. With Michael's new schedule, he is going to bed fairly early. He likes me to be in there with him, and, since Ethan agrees, I usually am. However, Michael doesn't so much like the reading light I have. With my PDA, I can try to get a few things done before I fall asleep. WOOHOO!!


Ruth said... are above my league in technology!! (Of course, that's not very hard.) PDA...hmmm...I've heard of 'em, but... LOL!! Have fun with your new-found freedom! =o)

Anonymous said...

I don't blog with my pda, but I love all of the other things I can do. It gives me a memory, so I forget a lot less!! I can use it to help me exercise. I love to be able to read where ever I am. I keep patterns, ideas and so many other things.

I'm glad you found a way to do the things you want to and be there for your kids!!

Mercy said...

Oohh, very nice!

I had a pda at one point and I loved it. I just got a little too perfectionistic about the whole thing though. I wanted to design my perfect program and of course I do not know how to design anything, so I finally gave it away to my pastor as a gift.

I've thought about going back to the pda, but then again I think a half sized tablet pc would be just perfect. See, I told you I'm too perfectionistic. I want things they don't even have out there. At least not that I know of...

Hope it works for you!

And...yay for the new job!!

I loved your positive attitude about having your hubs away. That can be tough! Have fun with the pillow fights & girly movies!! :-)

Take care,