Sunday, November 25, 2007

I need a thesaurus for "Update"

abridge, advise, apprise, edify, enlighten, epitomize, explain, fill in, inform, initiate, instruct, orient, prepare, prime, recapitulate, summarize, tip off, update....for the week

Well we have had a good week. Brittany had a friend spend the night, we got a lot of errands done on Wednesday, we had a very nice Thanksgiving at home with just Sherria, we stayed clear of any and all stores on Friday, we decorated our house and tree on Saturday and we started today off with a great church service.

That's the good news....

We did have a little bad news:

1. One of our nurses quit. We have no idea why, but if you are reading this Lonnie -- thanks for everything! We will miss you!!

2. Michael is being sent out of state for 2 weeks. One week he will be in Joplin, Mo; one week in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He is leaving tomorrow. We are REALLY not excited about it. But we are blessed that he has a good job so we will concentrate on that. I thought about going to Albuquerque to visit my parents, but, unfortunately, it will not work out well for several reasons. I hoped maybe they could come out here, but they are busy and this was awful last minute. (Michael just found out at noon on Wednesday)

Anyway, the girls and I are trying to make the best of it. We are going to rent girly movies and eat food that Michael doesn't like. We are going to have sleep-overs every night in my room and maybe even have pillow fights. LOL.

Although Denise and her family saw snow the other night, we didn't get to see it. We are hoping to see some today! But then we'd like it to go away for awhile, so Michael isn't having to deal with driving long distances through snow. :-)

We moved our whole den around yesterday. We love the way it looks now. It gives the house a whole new "feel" if'n ya know what I mean. :-)

I collect nativities: This is my nativity Sherria brought me from Alaska! Isn't it precious? (It's REALLY small too..the baby Jesus is just about the size of a couple grains of rice!)

Okay, everyone have a great week and I will talk to y'all later!


Ruth said...

I'm sorry Michael has to travel, but I like your plans that you have made with the girls! =o) I pray the weeks go by quickly.

Congrats on having decorated. I have no idea when we will get to it.

Susan said...

Great update, Kahri!!!