Monday, October 23, 2006

Sharing the good news of others

my friends, the McCrackins, got the news today that their adoption went through so they are going to be on the way to Korea to pick up their little boy later this week! They already have one little boy from Korea: Colton, Kaedra's boyfriend. ;-) (It's okay if I say that when they are so little! LOL) Now they are on the way to get Braden and we are so excited for them! HALLELUJAH!

I have been praying for this family and this little one, Noah Steven: Check out their blog, he got to go outside yesterday! HALLELUJAH! I remember when Kaedra first went outside... What an exciting day! (Noah has been outside before, just not for 11 1/2 weeks) Please join me in praying for them, regularly!

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