Monday, October 02, 2006

Our upcoming trip to KCMO

We are getting ready for our trip to Kansas City, MO. For those that don't know, we are trying to get Kaedra changed from the San Antonio hospital to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City because it is closer and has less patients.

We are leaving Wednesday morning with Brittany and Kaedra (Emily will be visiting with Michael's mom) and driving the 4 hour trip. Our appointment is at 2pm at the new hospital, with the new doctor. All of the records have been sent and received in KC already, except for that last xray which we are taking with us.

We are believing that they will accept Kaedra into their program and that they will get her in for surgery this month. Michael's last day of available vacation is Oct 31st, so we want to get her in before that.

Please join us by agreeing that we have favor with the doctor up there and that they schedule Kaedy as soon as possible. I will update y'all as soon as I know more!


Anonymous said...

I will be praying and agreeing with you and your family Kahri.

Melanie said...

I'm praying and looking forward to an update. Let us know what you found out!