Sunday, October 22, 2006

My restful weekend

Well I have been on bed rest this weekend due to spotting and cramping. My doctor has put me on rest for a whole week. I am not good at this, but I am trying to be a good patient. I kept myself busy ALL day today with one of Brittany's Nancy Drew computer games. I highly recommend them for a day of rest. I barely noticed the time going by! LOL

I will write more tomorrow, I am off to bed now.


Melanie said...


Know that I'm praying for you and tadpole! And you better be a good patient! You know, you don't have to play Nancy Drew games either... I have a feeling there is lots of writing you can do.. you know lots of different things you can write about that you can put all together into something like.. say.. I don't know... maybe a BOOK!!!!

Lifting up my prayers!

Heather said...

This is your (somewhat unofficial..LOL) doula speaking...

Take care of yourself and that little one!!! ((((HUG)))) Let me know if you need anything!

Anonymous said...

I should have checked your blog earlier so I would have known sooner about this whole bedrest thing. Praying that all goes well! ~Kim

Anonymous said...

Blogger wouldn't let me leave my message yesterday. I am so sorry. :-)

rest, rest, rest. Praying for you and your littlest one.

I agree, this sounds like a good opportunity to work on that book.

Please know that you can call me ANYTIME. No matter what. There is never a bad time to hear from you. Love ya, friend.