Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Diversion

I have gotten TOTALLY sidetracked on this new "toy" Michael found this weekend. It is called Google Earth and it is a program by Google where you can zoom in from outer space to see pretty much anywhere on earth. It is much better than the other satellite sites I have tried. First of all, it is from 2005, second of all it has pictures of EVERYWHERE I have tried, whereas the other ones did not have pictures of Paula's house in the boondocks or other outlying areas.

I have found all the houses I have lived in since birth - including many in NM, one in CO, one in CA; all my various schools; many vacation spots including my friend's house on Cape Cod and my great aunt and uncle's house on Martha's Vineyard; a lake we stayed at in Italy, some places we visited in Germany (although I am still looking for Munich), Downtown San Antonio, Michael's places of residence, many of my friend's houses (although I can't find you, yet, Brandi!!).

Anyway, if you decide to download this program, do it realizing you will get SUCKED in and "play" on it quite a bit.

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