Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Back Again

I was taking a break from blogging, mostly because my friend Brandi was taking a break, and when I write, I always consider her the audience. She is back blogging, so I am too!! LOL. Hi Brandi!!!

A lot has happened since I last posted. We had a weekend nurse for one weekend and one day and then we fired her. We are back to no nurse on Friday and Saturday. Linda, our wonderful day nurse, traded Friday for Sunday so we could go to church on Sundays. She also changed her hours on Wednesdays so I can go to church Wednesday nights. What a blessing!!!

Speaking of blessings, I was SUPER-BLESSED today. (Dr. Carey says SUPER is the highest word in the heirarchy of praise) My friend Melanie and her husband Jim GAVE me the laptop they had lent to me in San Antonio. I feel so spoiled. I danced around the house today every time I thought of it!!! This is SUCH a huge blessing....especially for the days/nights with no nurses and any other trips we may have to take. They are so generous, it is amazing when people are like that. Michael is going to get a wireless router so I can log online with cox and then I will be set! WOOHOO!!!!


The Zandi Zoo said...

YAY! You are back!!
I think that is blackmail though. If I want to read about you then I have to write.. ROTFL!!!

Sorry about the one nurse. Linda is awesome though! Thank you Linda for blessing my dear, sweet friend.

PRAISE GOD for the laptop. Isn't He just wonderful!!!!!!!

Chavaneth said...

Just because Brandi is the only one that usually posts, doesnt mean she is your only audience! :)
I set up an account so I can comment too...look out!

NeeCee said...

Welcome back! I've missed you.