Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Most of my family is sick...

Because of that, at least in part, I have become obsessed with spring cleaning. I haven't done spring cleaning in years! I used to do it every year, but made a cleaning schedule to keep me going through the year and discarded the spring cleaning idea. Now that I haven't been keeping up with the schedule, we've all been sick, the house is somewhat trashed and we haven't even 100% moved in yet, I really want to do it. Oh, and did I mention my parents want to come sometime? That really isn't the driving issue, but it sure does give me extra incentive.

Although I want to do lots of actual cleaning, I also have some other things I want to do

  • hang up pictures
  • empty boxes
  • organize attic
  • add flooring to attic
  • organize garage
  • redo my pantry/laundry room including adding shelves
  • do a oamc session
  • add a plug to downstairs bathroom
  • hide cords in living room
  • paint the front door 
  • install a peep hole in the front door
  • organize junk drawers (make ONE junk drawer)
  • plant flowers
  • get more lighting for school room 
  • purchase bookcases for FAITH library and catalog library
  • put screens up for non-screened windows
  • put window coverings up for all windows

I'm sure I'll be adding more the list. I know I am forgetting things here but I wanted to get them down while I am thinking of them.  I am planning on spring cleaning taking the whole month of March. Just hoping I can get it done in one month.  

I know, I know... boring post. It's mostly for me anyway. :-P

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