Saturday, January 16, 2010

More blessings

Haven't taken pictures for the past few days (drat!) but I haven't forgotten the assignment. I have thought about the pictures, just haven't gotten them taken!

-Wednesday night Michael and I had a date and I was blessed by having time alone with hubby.

-Thursday I had a WHOLE day off, thanks to my wonderful hubby. I had breakfast and ran some errands with Brittany, I got my hair cut and colored (got a spa treatment card for Christmas), and had a Mom's Night Out with my favorite three local ladies. It was a wonderful day and I got NO pictures!

-Friday was a day off with hubby, and I wanted to take his picture, because I am so grateful to him, but it never got done.

So...those are the things I am thankful for, sans pictures. Of course, that's not really the point of Project 365 in general, but it is VERY much the point of my particular Project 365. :-)

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