Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chloe Elizabeth Zandi

I would do anything for my best friend, Brandi. We have been best friends for 13 years. But yesterday she joined a "club" that I'm in that I would have happily barred her from for life.

Yesterday, her precious baby, Chloe Elizabeth was born at rest. Please pray for Brandi and her family.

Zandis- I pray that Jesus' peace, that surpasses all understanding will envelope you and carry you through this time and the months to come. I pray that you feel His presence constantly and that you are comforted by it.

We are here if we can do anything. We love you guys so much. Everyone but Ethan shed tears for your precious blessing and we all can't wait to meet her as well as Zoe, Rain and Jacob.


NeeCee said...

I was devastated when I read the news of Chloe's passing. I am lifting this precious family up in prayer now.

Unknown said...

Prayers of peace and comfort, in Jesus' name.

BrandiG said...

I just came across this blog post after all this time and just had to comment and say I love you guys! <3 Your friendship has always been a blessing!!

BrandiG said...

Just came across this blog post after all this time and had to stop and comment... I love you guys!! <3 Your friendship has always been such a blessing.. a huge gift from the Lord!! Thank you!