Thursday, July 23, 2009

Before and After

I am a huge fan of before and after pics. They motivate me and they also really give me a sense of accomplishment. So, in case you were just REALLY wondering what Brittany and I did today, here it is:

The Before pics:


One view of dining room/library combo

other view of dining room/library combo

The After photos:
(you might not be able to tell a huge difference, but trust me, WE CAN! :-)

the garage: we kept all the boxes, but broke them down for our next move. the hutch on the left hand side will be in our dining room when it is done.

these are ALL the boxes we have left to unpack. Two. WOOHOO! :-) Then we need to go buy hardware to put our kitchen table up. It was lost in the move.

Our library/computer area. (the laundry room is through the door on the left)

Anyway, I just wanted to gloat for a moment. I still don't have wi-fi up and running and actually our internet connection was down all day today anyway. Hopefully when I am back up and running regularly, I will be able to blog more. I actually have some things I want to say! :-)

More pictures to follow when we are ALL moved in. :-) My goal is by Sunday night.

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NeeCee said...

Wow, you guys really worked hard! It is looking more and more like a home and not just a house.