Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just a hi!

Just thought I'd drop in and say hi! I love reading Denise's daily blogs about what is going on in her life. It feels like I am keeping up with her, even when I don't get to talk to her very often. Sooooo here I am, just writing a daily little post, with no real point.

I have gone to THREE theater movies recently!! THREE!!! That is more than I usually go to in a WHOLE year!!! Two of them can be blamed on my birthday: Michael took me to "Get Smart" for my birthday date (which I loved) and my Mamma Mia took me to see "Mamma Mia" for my birthday date with her. I thought "Mamma Mia" was (as Denise would say) a hoot! It was so much fun! Then Michael and I went to see X-Files on Saturday afternoon. In case you don't know, Michael and I are X-file fanatics. :-) We really liked the movie and were pleasantly surprised after all the bad reviews.

Michael is out of town again this week. This time in Edmond, Oklahoma. Just far enough that we don't get to see him all week. He has two applications in - Valdosta, GA and Bristol, VA. He has his interview for Valdosta tomorrow morning at 8:30. We have found some really nice houses, especially in the Bristol area. I am particularly fond of that once because of a particularly close friend who will soon be particularly close to that location. ;-) Michael will be out of town again in two weeks, up in Kansas City this time.

My computer, home phone, cell phone and palm pilot have all been acting up lately. Since I love technology so much, it is especially frustrating for me. I feel like we have been put under some alien jamming bubble where the aliens are watching to see how well I deal without my gadgets. They are probably pleased with getting such a reaction.

I am officially working on our school schedule now. I am trying to get everything rounded up, fit into the year, ordered, pre-read etc. I recently did a big huge no-no. I had Brittany read Anne Frank without pre-reading it. There were parts in there that she was not ready to read. Luckily, she brought the book to me and told me and I read what she had read and we had a "good discussion" (aka debriefing) and I read on to see if there was more (which there was) so I put the book away until she is around 60. (jk, right?)

I am working on my own reading list, as well. I have a lot of books I wanted to read this summer so I am still working on them. It is funny, since so many of my friend's summers are winding down and they are starting school I am starting to feel squished for time. But we still have 4 1/2 weeks left of vacation! Of course, Britty will be gone two of those weeks in Albuquerque, but I can probably figure out how to get in a little reading while she is gone!

We haven't worked much on our big house projects because a bunch of things have gotten in the way! Just in the last two months we have had our stove go out, our microwave go out, our oven go out and our plumbing get backed up to the point where we had to call in a plumber. We have also had 3 days without water (we have a water main problem down the street) and two days without electricity (they were putting in new poles down the main street by our house) Throw in a fourth of July party, an adoption party, parents staying for a week, Brittany gone for a 4 day camp and a 10 day mission trip and Michael out of town and it seems like a VERY BUSY summer!! This next month is not slowing down any, so I am just holding on for the ride. :-)

Well, I am going to get off of here and try to fix my palm pilot before I go work on school planning for a bit. Then off to church. Then a movie with Sherria. The fun never stops!!

I'll leave you with some pictures from my birthday:


The Zandi Zoo said...

YAYYYYY!!! An update! Whoohoo!!:-)

Okay - both jobs sound wonderflul buit I must say that Bristol one looks just perfect really. ;-)

Sorry about your tech issues.

Cool about the movies. Ian is hoping to see Get Smart soon. He saw the batman one the other day (see his blog for review).

Your birthday looked fun. The gifts werelike a little geography lesson. lol.. Mexico, Italy.. heee hee. Loved seeing Sherria the Giant too.

Love you guys.

A&EMom said...

Of course, nothing replaces actually reading the book, but has some really good information. I've found them to be on the conservative side on their movie reviews. I looked for Anne Frank, but they only had the movie. However, as a member you can request books be added to their review lists.

Hope this lessens your reading load!

NeeCee said...

Yea, you blogged!!! I've felt lonely lately with no one blogging. I love the daily, what is going on in your life kind of blogs. :0)