Sunday, July 08, 2007

Week's happenings

1. Kaedra is still not tolerating feedings. We have her up to 120cc every two hours at the moment. She got some kind of bug this week and has had a high fever since Friday morning. Because of the picc line, we had to take her in for bloodwork on Friday afternoon. She hasn't been feeling good, this time around. She is back on oxygen as well.

2. Brittany is in Mexico for her mission trip. She called twice on the way down and I will talk to her again this Friday. I can't wait.

3. Emily is learning to tie her shoes and is going further with reading. She is also becoming a great little helper for mommy.

4. Ethan has been fussy this week. Not really sure why. I think he may have had the same bug that Kaedy has. He has also wanted to nurse ALL night, so maybe he is having a growth spurt.

5. Our fourth of July celebration at church was awesome. It was a ton of fun! Sherria and I participated in a three-legged race and potato sack races. Although we didn't win either, we had lots of fun.

6. Michael had a meeting with his boss and it went very well. :-) Thank you for your prayers.

7. I haven't gotten anything done. Amazing how two weeks have gone by and I still have nothing to show for it. I guess I must be busier than I thought. :-)

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Mrs. O said...

Did you get your culture results back yet? The eating thing can be challenging. Do you have pump you could put her on - that might be the easiest way to bump the stomach volume up. Prayers for your success with this.