Sunday, July 01, 2007

goings on this week

Thought I'd check in quickly and let ya'll know how things are going here in our Peculiar Life....

1. It has rained for days. And days. And days. Flooding conditions all over the area. We began an ark. Then we remembered God's promise. ;-) (Genesis 9:14-15) appropriate song....

2. We went to the Oklahoma Aquarium on Saturday. The kids were blessed by a group check for their birthdays and they (at least the older two) decided to get an aquarium pass. We hadn't been there for years and Michael had never been there, so it was a fun family outing. Guess we'll be going there more often, now that we have a pass!

3. Brittany officially finished 6th grade and is off for summer break. We don't usually have a long summer break, so this is new for us. :-)

3. Brittany is leaving for her Mission trip on Friday. She will be gone 10 days. The mission trip is located in Nuevo Laredo. They will also be going to San Antonio for some fun and shopping on the way home. She has learned so much Spanish in 10 weeks including the Prayer of Salvation. I am so proud of her! She is the youngest one going and she was the first to learn the prayer. :-)

4. Our church is having a big 4th of July Celebration. We are really excited! We have made some new friends there, too, and we are looking forward to getting to know them better. We have been praying to find friends at church for quite awhile. Isn't it nice that God even answers those kinds of prayers? We are also praying for Brittany and Emily to find at least one good friend each.

5. We met the Tulsa Infectious Disease Doc on Tuesday. He took her off of the 24 hour penicillin (HALLELUJAH!) and put her on Merrem 3 times a day for 40 minutes each time. That is so much easier! The rest of her time we can have her picc line bandaged up so she doesn't trip over it all the time and get it caught in everything. He is working with the insurance company to try to get them to approve an oral antibiotic. The oral one is $1000 for 10 days so it is usually a last resort. However, he says that if the insurance company adds up the IV therapy and all the people involved in that, it probably costs the same. Also, he said with a child as active as Kaedy, having a Picc line has more risks and the oral antibiotic would definitely be preferable. He plans on having her on the antibiotics until the end of August/beginning of September.

6. Kaedy's tummy has not been doing good. We had to quit her regular feeds (which are thick) and give her just pediasure (which is thin). It got so bad that we were feeding her 30cc every half hour around the clock(a very small amount..her usual food is about 300cc every 4 hours), just so her tummy would take it. We gradually got the 30cc closer and closer together so then we were able to give her 60cc every hour. Now I am working on getting the 60cc closer together so we can get to 120 cc every 2 hours. Eventually we need to get back up to her normal amount and add in her normal food, too. Please pray for that for us. Her tummy is hurting and she doesn't want the feeds at all. On top of that, it is a little bit challenging, feeding her so often 24 hours a day! For those of you who asked, she is on acidopholus and it may be helping, it is hard to tell.

7. Ethan is growing, growing, growing. He is a joy to be around. Very happy little guy. :-)

look how long he is!

8. Emily is excited. She has a few secret projects that she is going to work on while Brittany is gone so she can surprise her when she gets back. I am hoping this will make the time go by quicker! I can't tell you what they are yet, at least until Britty leaves on her trip.

9. I am doing well being off the computer. Unfortunately I didn't get as much done this week as I would have liked. Even with being off of the computer, we were very busy with doctor's appointments, Kaedra's feeds, finishing up school, and Michael's bigwigs. Hopefully this week will go better. I am not planning on returning to the blogging world anytime soon. I am reading blogs here and there and I will post now and then but I am concentrating on keeping my eyes off the computer and on Him. The hardest part is getting the mindset off of blogging. Once I did that, I have had it easier. I am learning how to stop "blogging in my head" and I am using that time to concentrate on praying. It is a struggle. But one with a huge reward. I have already had some amazing things happen this week. God is such an awesome God.

Hope you all are well!!

Receiving a multitude of Blessings and expecting nothing less than a miracle,


... said...

thanks for the update. hope kaedra's tummy starts feeling better. you will all remain in my prayers. hope you have a good week.

Beach Girl said...

I, too hope that her tummy will start to feel better. You have a lot going on.....enjoy the break and never feel like you have to post.


Annie said...

1. right there with you, I've reminded the kids of God's promise too!
2. my parents took the kids there last year and they loved it!
3. woo hoo!
3.2. I'll pray for her safety.
4. Sounds like fun.
5. I know you are so glad to have the 24 hour meds out!
6. I'll pray for her little tummy, maybe when she is finished with the medicine it will get better?
7. What a doll!
8. Emily sounds like a sweetie.
9. God is awesome, amen!
My Life as Annie!

Mrs. O said...

That is so great about Kaedy and her meds. The feeds thing will work itself out.

There is something else you might want to try, I'll email you later.

The infection risk is so much less with oral medicine, the ins co. would be wise to approve it.

And lastly, wow! Your self discipline with blogging and computer time is amazing!

Susan said...

Good reports all around. Thanks for posting them Kahri. Glad about the new friends for you guys. I know that's something you've needed and wanted. Also that Britty and Emile will find a friend.

Pen of Jen said...

What an update, I am excited to hear of the young missionary!

I apologize for not leaving comments, I have been over and praying for you all.

Take care and remember to get on the ark if necessary!!

Ruth said...

You've been busy!! I will pray for Kaedy's feeds to get back to normal and the oral antibiotics to be approved. Have fun at your 4th celebration.

Unknown said...

Hi!! :)

It was nice to read the little update on everyone.