Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Well I did a lot of our Christmas Shopping last night! Sherria and I went to Mardel's, Toys R Us, Target and Walmart. I love the way we "do" Christmas presents now! I originally got the idea online but I can't find that link anymore, (it was several years ago) so I thought I would share....

We buy the girls 3 presents each. They get a gold present (their big present), a frankincense present (a present that brings them closer to God), and a myrrh gift (a "fu-fu" present - something personal). Since we believe in Santa around here, Santa also brings them a gift and fills their stockings. As they open each type of present, we talk about the 3 wise men and what each gift would have meant to Jesus and his family.

I have noticed several things since starting this:

1. Our stress about what to get the kids and how much has gone WAY down!

2. Their greediness has lessened. They talk about their Santa gift and what they are going to ask Santa for (Santa usually gives them the more fun things that Mommy and Daddy would NEVER think of getting them.), but they don't keep asking us for stuff. They gave us some ideas, but they have been very good ideas!

3. Christmas day is much calmer and less centered on the gifts!


The Zandi Zoo said...

hee hee.. that's what we do too. lol. We like it better this way too. :-)

The Zandi Zoo said...

forgot to add... I like 3 kings picture too. Pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!! Will definitely have to remember it for next year.