Monday, December 04, 2006

Kaedra is "movin' on up"

Kaedra moved up to the 2-3 year old room at church this weekend. It went really well, mostly, I think, because Sherria was in there with her in the morning and Brittany was in there with her for the night service. I am actually not working this quarter so Wednesday nights she won't have one of her family with her. I will go with her and stay until she feels comfortable on Wednesday nights and until I feel comfortable leaving her there, but hopefully she will be doing well soon! The lady that is working on Wednesday nights used to have a trach'd child, so I think she will not be as nervous as a teacher unfamiliar with special need kids and I won't be as nervous as I would be leaving her with another teacher! Kaedy is off of her vent almost all day long everyday, so they won't have to deal with her equipment, just her trach.

There are only two other children in the 2-3s, an almost 4 year old boy and a little girl that just turned 3, I think. So the class isn't very overwhelming and is pretty low-key! I was worried, at first, that she would be in a room full of rowdy preschoolers, but that's not the case! She had a great time doing the crafts yesterday and even ate part of a goldfish! I was also worried she would miss her friends for the few months until they move up, too, but she seemed fine as long as Ria or Britty was there. I am sure she will be thrilled when they DO move up though!

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GOOOO Kaedy!!!