Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Great week of school

I want to post some pictures and tell about a great week of school. No, it wasn't this week, not last week, and not even the week before. I know, I'm late in posting this. but it has been on my to-do list!

This year we have changed some things up.  The biggest and most dramatic change is that we brought Brittany back into the house. Although she was still homeschooling, she was doing it with a co-op and most of her school stemmed from them.  Although it was a great co-op with great people, she really wanted to do things with the family again and we definitely wanted her home with us!

We are doing The Mystery of History Volume 2 (Middle Ages) as a whole family.  We are loving doing it together. Brittany, obviously, does it at a higher level than the rest of the kids. One of the things I like most is the ability to do it at all different levels.  While Brittany is writing essays, the kids are making cardboard lyres.

We are meeting every Friday with a friend and doing some of the bigger projects with him as well as the map work, games, and tests.  They will also be doing some oral presentations to give them practice with that.  We are doing literature together as well.  April is helping Brittany with Grammar and I am helping Edge with his writing.

I've been taking pictures so I would remember the great times we are having.  It will be great to look back on the pictures and remember the year!

Brittany doing algebra with help from Arwen

Kids cutting up newspaper for paper mache

working on timeline

Brittany learning about world views 


Em and Ethan doing copywork

drying out our "Dead Sea Scrolls"

starting the paper mache volcano

paper mache volcano fun

goofy Ethan with paper mache volcano

after 1st coat of paper

using clay to make village of Pompeii

walls of Pompeii

coliseum of Pompeii

marketplace of Pompeii

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