Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Jacob 2010

From Evernote:

Jacob 2010

What are little boys made of?

        I am forgetting
        I can't remember what time he came
        Or holding him in my arms
        Or whispering his name.        

This old man, He played seven....

          I don't remember how much he weighed
          Or how long he measured
          Or how I ever let them take him away
           From the only moments with him I would ever treasure            

Frogs and snails and Puppy dog tails

           I do remember leaving the hospital empty handed
           I remember lying on his grave and yelling at God
           I remember the teeny tiny casket
           And wondering what I did to deserve the rod.          

He played knick knack up to heaven.

            Hard to imagine it has been
             seven years that have passed
             It seems like a lifetime
             Or just the day before last

With a knick knack paddywhack
Give the dog a bone

             He is real and walks among us
             Daily on his siblings' lips
             How he looks, what he does
             Debated and decided
             Why my heart continually rips

This old man goes rolling home

              But unanimously he is perfect
               Unblemished and sin free
               My only blameless child
               Living with Christ for eternity.

That's what this little boy is made of.            


Unknown said...


That was heartbreakingly beautiful. I'm sorry it is a poem you have to write.

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!! I am looking forward to meeting you someday.

Christa said...

My tears mingle with yours.

It just hurts.

Melanie said...

so very beautiful...