Thursday, October 08, 2009

Appt with new Surgeon for Kaedra

The quick version is we did not get warm fuzzy feelings from either ortho surgeon we saw at the local Children's Hospital. Neither one addressed Kaedra at all and her only exam was a peek at her back from about 3 ft away. They never asked us abt her history or looked over the page I brought in with her detailed history. They never mentioned the removed rod, even though the hook is still attached and obvious in photos. Really, honestly, they barely talked to us at all and Kaedra not at all. We both got the feeling they were not very familiar or comfortable with VEPTR or the kids that may need them. We were very disappointed.

We are awaiting some records from KC and have another appt with them in 2 weeks. We will give them one more chance and then make our decision from there.

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