Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday thirteen

I know I've been quiet. Been working on stuff and posting it on Ravelry! I just love that place.

Thirteen things I have been working on:

1. I was working on something for my hubby for Valentine's Day but it didn't work out AT ALL like I wanted it. I ended up frogging the thing FOUR times! And I still never got the look or feel that I wanted! I have shelved the project and am going to go back to it when I can bear to look at it again. I am now planning on having it done by Christmas.

Making an afghan for Victory Junction Gang Camp. They have a program where each camper gets to take their afghan home. How cool is that! This pic was taken when I had first started the blanket. It is much bigger now. I am trying to get it done in the next 2 months. I would like to make 3 a year for them.


Been making these roses lately. Made one for a friend of my parents' that has been sick for over a year. Made one for one of our nurses. Made one for my not-so-secret sister. I really like them! They work up quickly, they are pretty and they can be used for many different things! I got the pattern for the rose here and the leaves here.

6. Made this wire bracelet for my not-so-secret sister. You can't really tell but it is pink and black. It has a glass rose bead in the front.


Made this one for me! :-) It has a "joy" charm and a star on it and is two different shades of purple. I have had the beads forever but finally sat down and made it. I love it. It is perfectly "me!"

I have crocheted a few hats this last few months for myself and NONE of them looked good on me. Turns out I pretty much only look good in bucket hats or baseball hats. Made this one from this pattern and I really like the results. Now I have a hat for those bad-hair days! :-)


I had a scarf pattern I REALLY wanted to try. When I started working on it, I felt God leading me to make it for a friend of mine whose husband recently lost his job. I prayed the whole time I made it for her. So, instead of a prayer shawl, I ended up making her a prayer scarf. The pattern is from the latest Interweave Crochet Magazine. It is called a mitered scarf. You can see the colors better here:

10. I loved my friend's scarf so I decided to make one for myself too! :-)

11. My not-so-secret sister sent me beautiful squares to make a Haekelbeutel bag with. I pieced them together the other night! I just need to line it and make the straps. You can't tell in this pic, but it is pieced with sage green. I think I am going to line it with the same color and do a row of single crochet around the top, attaching the straps, to tie it all together.

12. I recently bought this pattern to make Kaedra a dinosaur. I haven't technically started it yet, but it is in the works.

13. My not-so-secret sister and I are making this afghan for Kaedra and Ethan.

So that's what I've been working on!

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