Monday, February 12, 2007


Ethan's bilirubin level is back up to 18. The doctor called and wanted me to quit nursing him for two days. I burst into tears and she felt bad and said I could continue to nurse him. Than she said that he had to go back under the lights. I was still crying, and she still felt bad, so she said we could use the "blanket" type lights. So....the bad news is: he is back under the lights for a few days. The good new is: we can still hold him and I don't have to quit nursing. :-)


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Melanie said...


I'm so sorry. I know how frustrating that bilirubin can be! Cody's was high but my doctor knew how determined I was to nurse without supplements, so she instructed me to go to bed for 24 hours, taking him with me and nursing as much as possible. I literally nursed close to 24 hours straight. It worked. Now, I know that going to bed and nursing 24 hours straight is not really much of an option for you right now, so we will just have to pray and ask God to wash all that bilirubin out! Oh, and here's an interesting aside. I have naturally high bilirubin that always throw the doctors off and prohibits me from giving blood. It's called Gilbert's Disease but I there's not much "disease" to it.. just high bilirubin. OK, more than you probably wanted to know.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you don't have to quit nursing. I would have cried too! ~Kim

weavermom said...

Found your blog from Penless Writer and Oh- Ethan is a handsome boy!! What a cutie!

I hope Ethan gets better soon! I think you are right - the BEST thing for him is nursing and lots of sunshine. :)

Unknown said...

You're such a great Mama!!

Ditto Melanie...and like I said before...nurse him as much as you can!

And ditto the sunshine (if we ever get any more!!). I did that with Em and Matthew. Makes beautiful pictures too of them laying in the indirect sunlight.