Monday, June 12, 2006

My poor neglected blog

Awwwwww, my poor neglected blog!!! I have been a bad blogger since signing onto My space. Yes, I took the plunge and have a Myspace page as well. I have been busy there, setting up shop.. I found a background I liked but I didn't like the rest of the theme. I found a way that I could design my own and I did that. I am really pleased with the results. I would like to add a few more things, but it does seem very much like me! :-)

Not much new around here. We changed Kaedy's schedule a little and she is going to be coming out with us more during the day now. I got really "attached" to her in San Antonio. That was the most time I have ever gotten to spend with her! Wow...I got more attached, go figure? LOL!! Now I don't want to have to share!

We are officially out of our old church! We are going to be eating dinner at our new church on Wednesday night and then help get ready for the "grand opening" this weekend. If you haven't seen the final product, you need to check it out!! Here are some of the newest pictures on our web page.

I wrote a weather unit study and we started it on Saturday. We will be working on it through August. It is going to be so much fun! Both girls love weather and we are going to learn so many cool things. I think it is such an exciting thing to be able to forecast weather! One of the books I got teaches you how to forecast with clouds and wind direction.

Okay, that's all for now....I promise to be more faithful. :-)

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